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      I am a self taught guitarist and I’ve been playing for over 30 years. My goal has always been to express myself freely through my music. To achieve this, I have explored many techniques and music styles from Rock, Blues and Pop to Latin, Flamenco, African music and more.

       I was born in France, I started to play an electric guitar and after a few years I chose to play mainly the nylon strings acoustic guitar. In the 90s, I was part of a rumba flamenco band in Paris playing mostly music from the Gipsy Kings. When I arrived in London, I began to record my own music. In 2005 I joined Ten Worlds, a World Music alternative band. I also did some work as a session musician and sound engineer for Niburu Recordings.

     I’ve recorded 18 albums since 2002 at my home studio and I am fortunate enough to have a core of fans which inspire me to develop further my music. After years of effort, I have developed my own style and I now enjoy composing and playing freely my own music. I enjoy it so much!

    My wish as a tutor is to be able to share with my students all the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated throughout the years and help them tap into their limitless potential to find their own unique way.

     Feel free to listen and enjoy my music, if you want to buy a CD please send me an Email.